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  1. Installing F25
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  17. Time has come: [root@localhost ~]# dnf --releasever=25 update
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  19. nvidia drivers don't work with xorg-server 1.19
  20. (putty:<PID>): Gtk-WARNING **: cannot open display: :0
  21. F25 beta schedule
  22. What's This Mean: "GuC firmware load skipped"??
  23. Long standing feature enhancements requests
  24. Testing the "Beta1 Live ISO"
  25. No sound
  26. [SOLVED]Broken dependencies: xorg-x11-drv-synaptics x86_64
  27. broadcom-wl doesn't work with mainline kernel
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  32. 15 October Anaconda Crashing Here
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  36. RPMFusion devel repo?
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  43. Dell XPS hardware electric noise with kernel 4.8.4
  44. Can't boot to GUI
  45. Wayland & Non-Hybrid Nvidia: Good to go?
  46. LVM RAID from F24/4.7 not assembled by F25/4.8
  47. SDL games fullscreen issues in Fedora 25
  48. fedora 25 cinnamon lightdm issue
  49. F25 will be Released on 22nd November 2016, F23 End Of Life approx. a month after
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  51. Problem with Cinnamon dark themes after updating to F25
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