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Old 30th May 2013, 04:13 AM
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Has anyone tried installing FC 18 or 19 (new Anaconda) on an existing RAID 5 system (I have installed Debian in software RAID5 as md0). Fedora 17 installs RAID 5 as md1 without a hitch (/boot on seperate partition of course). If you have let lime know the steps you took using the new Anaconda. Otherwise I'm just upgrading to o19 beta from 18 which was a FC 17 upgrade (using Fedora. The upgrade to FC 19 will use yum --releasever=19 distro-sync --nogpgcheck
Old 30th May 2013, 07:17 PM
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Re: Raid5??

I can say that with F19b RC4 you can install (and re-install over it) to:

* sda1: swap
* sda2: /boot
* The rest of sda was left unpartitioned.

* sdb1, sdc1, sdd1, sde1, sdf1 as a md raid5 software raid.

You need to use Custom Partitioning for that.

First create the /boot and swap partitions. Restrict them to the disk you want
them to be (there is a button for that, the one with the 'tools' icons).

Then create a / partition, make if smaller at first. Then restrict it to the
disks you want it to make the raid5. Then switch it to raid and select raid5 and
change the size back to the maximum and 'update settings'.

I still do not recommend to have the / partition on a raid5 device, but it can be done.
Old 30th May 2013, 07:51 PM
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Re: Raid5??

Well yeah. But custom [attioning in FC 17 is vastly simpler. I have been using Linux since 1996. A bells-whistle installer is the last thing I need. Besides the system already has a Debian RAID5. The odds of the news Fedora installer picking that up is remote. Besides my question was not how to do it - I know that - its was if anybody had actually DONE it.

BTW I have seperate /boot an / partition and no swap file (I have 24 GB of RAM). I'm posting this from my FC 19 RAID 5 which is workinig great (can run in degraded mode if need for example). I have a program which I believe can backup the entire array so I'm set.
Old 30th May 2013, 08:25 PM
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Re: Raid5??

I know that - its was if anybody had actually DONE it.
Well, i installed it to a kvm guest, and then installed it over again and it worked both times. I think it count as a yes, at least strictly speaking. :-)
Old 31st May 2013, 01:14 AM
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Re: Raid5??

There's no reason it wouldn't work. anaconda reads most existing filesystems, certainly including md raid sets. The partitions should show up on the left hand side of custom partitioning and you should be able to do whatever you like with them; delete them, reformat them, assign a mount point in the new Fedora install to them, whatever you like.
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Old 31st May 2013, 04:52 AM
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Re: Raid5??

I've done this before quite a few times and it is possible. What I haven't done is start with Debian first, but it uses the md driver same as Fedora so I don't see why that'd be a factor. The confusing part is Fedora's installer as a first step shows only physical devices, not LVs or md devices. So you must choose all, and only, the physical devices that make up the LV's and md devices. Then in Manual Partitioning the LV or md device will be seen and you can specify it for use with Fedora. If it's root, you will have to reformat (create a new file system).


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