View Full Version : ypbind+Fedora Core2

10th December 2004, 10:48 PM
OK here goes it.

I have a W2K server running "Services for Unix 3.5" and all Linux machines bind to the NIS server on this W2K box. They bind no problem but I since building these Fedora Core2 boxes (3) the CPU usage on the W2K server goes to 100% and stays there.

So I turned them all (3 of them) off. CPU usage on the W2K server drops down to normal. I have 18 other Linux boxes running RH9 and binding to the same W2K box with no issues. I have confirmed that it's the ypbind process on the Fedora Core2 machines that are causing this issue.

Has anyone else seen this? Thank you in advance.

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