View Full Version : Help installing smc2635w wireless pcmcia

1st May 2004, 01:27 AM
I'm a linux newbie but a computer enthusiast. I build my own computers but can't compile anything on linux. I'm using Fedora 1 on my Dell 8200 laptop. I've tried driverloader with smc windows drivers but can't get it to work. I also updated the kernel to 2.4.2-2188 and used the appropriate ndiswrapper written for fedora. Still can't get it. I don't know most of the commands needed to configure linux from the command line. I'm frustrated because I like linux but if I can't get stuff to work I might as well stick with windows. Any suggestions? (I don't even know how to compile the ADM8211 drivers or how to use wireless tools 25)
Please help.

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