View Full Version : FC6 Hangs on compaq presario V6106AU

24th February 2007, 07:31 PM

I installed FC6 X86_64 on my presario V6106AU....... While booting linux and starting the services it gets hung at times...... Even if I log in and work with terminal it gets hung after working for some time........ If I start X it works fine without much trouble for hours long....... I even face problem with sound, as it stops automatically after few minutes though other stuffs are fine........ but the system hangs when I try to log out of X or use the suspend option.......

Specs: AMD turion 64*2,512 RAM,Nvidia GeFORCE go 6150,and nvidia chipset

I tried installing kmod-nvidia and xorg-x11drv-nvidia, with that X was getting stuck at times even while starting, so I installed nvidia drivers from the vendor,with that the login problem is sorted but logout and suspend remains....

Please can some body get me outa these

25th February 2007, 07:40 PM
Heres my dmesg output which I have attained after removing rhgb quiet from my grub.conf........ It shows me BIOS pin not set properly and lota msg towards the end....... can sumbody help me please

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